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 At the moment, I don’t accept any commissions.


I’m Ania B. Ziolkowska and I make graphics for board wargames. As an avid gamer myself, I take great care in making game components both useful and good looking.

My main goal is to deliver graphics that are geographically and historically accurate, pleasing to old-school wargamers, yet encouraging to eurogamers. I constantly explore new graphic techniques and trends in the gaming community and implement my findings into my work.

I believe that the games components are first and foremost a tool to help the designers mechanics shine, allowing players to fully focus on the experience of gameplay. I believe there is always a way to incorporate a games theme into the game components. I draw inspiration from the history of art, architecture and traditional cartography.

I’ve been in the wargaming industry since November 2014. I have worked with five different publishers and fifteen game designers. My graphics have been used in over forty boardgames.

Before I combined my passion for boardgames with my trade, I had a decade long career in commercial graphics and advertising. The latter will benefit your company, as I always promote games I worked on via my social media channels.


What I do:

An artist, a gamer & a writer?

That’s right! For two years I was a regular contributor for YAAH! – war and strategy game magazine – where I shared my view on games I love to play and on various wargame-related topics. In issue 8, I covered Internationale Spieltage ‘16 – the biggest boardgame convention in the world – from wargaming point of view.

Are you still here? Want to know more?

Well, since we are friends now, let’s get better acquainted:

  • I was born in part of Poland which has its own dialect based partly on the German language, yet I don’t understand German at all.
  • My name is pronounced “A-nia”, like an “A” and the last sound in “Polonia”. My surname means something close to “Little Herb” but also “Rogue”. And the “B.” in between stands for my middle name which is “Barbara”.
  • I’m trained in journalism and worked in radio – I even had my own morning program for a while.
  • I’m a big fan of ancient and medieval history wargames. My favourite wargame is Richard Berg’s Men of Iron.
  • I’m also a sci-fi fan but not a Trekkie per se because my favourite captain is Picard, not Kirk.
  • I became a wargamer to be able to play boardgames even without an opponent. I admire Dan Verssen’s solitaire games which helped m cross over to wargaming.

Through my work as a graphic artist and my writing I hope to convert even more casual/eurogamers into wargamers!