Game Designers Toolkit Pack

free version

In this pack I gathered all the most essential components for designing hex-and-counters game. All the files are in PDF format and are printer friendly. You may use them as you like – no strings attached.
  • 24 hexgrid templates:
    • on A3, A4 and Letter sheets
    • for ½ inch and ⅝ inch counters
    • horizontal and vertical
    • numbered and blank
  • 4 counters sheet templates:
    • super accurate to help you match front and back
    • on A4 and Letter sheets
    • ½ inch counters (overall 280 per sheet)
    • ⅝ inch counters (overall 160 per sheet)
  • 1 Design Brief for a Hexgrid Map fillable form:
    • Helps you find the right graphic artist for the project
    • Significantly speeds up game development process
    • Lowers amount of time-consuming communication
    • Lowers amount of mistakes and misspellings in the final product
  • 1 “read me” file